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Initium Bakery

Type: In-House
Services: UI/UX Design
Year: 2018
Client: In-House

About the project

Initium Bakery Logo

This is a website theme design we created a while back based on how bakery site would look like. We kept the overall look of the design to be very “light” with very light colors so it feels “open” and “spacious” when moving from section to section. This was done so that it goes well with the theme of baking.

.01 Style guide

Initium Bakery Typography Initium Bakery Typography Doughnut Coffee

.02 Home page

Fresh And Tasty

.03 Responsive design

The desktop design was broken in such a way that it doesn’t lose its way or radically change when compared with the mobile version. The sections are stacked well without losing their aesthetic.

Responsive Design

.04 About us

About Us

.05 Inner pages

Inner Pages
Fresh Bread
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